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More Services in our Holidays Accommodation

Free WIFI in every Lodge & Air Conditionned

The airport/lodge/airport transferts

We can pick you up at the Pointe à Pitre airport for your arrival or bring you back to any Guadeloupe airport for your departure.

The arrival or the return transfert costs are 50,00 euros each

If you are interested in one or both of theses services, then please, tick the relevant boxes on your booking form.
If you rent a car, you'll please have to manage the delivery and the return of the car directly with the company.

The Eco Basket

When you rent a holiday property, you usually have to bring everything for your everyday needs with you, but when you fly to your holidays’ destination, you can’t take it all.

This is why we provide with essential such as:

  • oil, vinegar, salt, pepper,
  • coffee, coffee filters, sugar lumps, and caster sugar,
  • instant chocolate,
  • sponge, washing-up liquid,
  • toilet paper, toilet cleaning materials

for a total of 20,00euros (this is meant to last a week or +).


We’ll do our best to tailor these items to your personal needs, and the length of your stay.

If you are interested in this service, then please, tick the relevant box on your booking form.

The Welcome Basket

Depending on your arrival time, a basket with either a breakfast, first lunch or first dinner could be waiting for you.


"Breakfast basket"
(made by ourselves)

Home made bread (baguette) croissants and the same, butter, jam, milk, coffee, tea chocolate, fruit juice, yogurt: 9,00 euros / person

If interested, please ask for it when filling up your Holidays renting form.

First Lunch or First Diner Basket
(made by our Partners)

A Fisrt Lunch or First Diner Basket can be obtained from our partners.

Please contact the partners to know details and prices.

You can ask us to reserve this First Lunch / First Diner Basket and choose your Prefered Partner when filling up your Holidays renting form.

Your bills should be paid directly to the partners.


On our holiday site, you will have the option to do your own washing for 5,00 euros per load.

Please ask for information when on site.


As previously mentioned, on arrival you will find our vacation rentals have been cleaned to a very high standard.
If you wish so, you can book a cleaning service at the rate of 25,00 euros per hour (minimum booking is one hour)

You just have to ask for it when filling up your renting form
Also you can choose the frequency of the cleaning: every day, every other day, once or twice a week.

If you decide to choose this service, please tick the box and specify frequency and duration on your booking form.

If you decide not to choose this service, a basket of cleaning materials will be proposed to you for the sum of 5,00 euros per week.


At your departure

The accommodation is meant to be left in the same clean conditions you entered it.

If you prefer not to do the cleaning yourself before the departure, then please select the “cleaning addition” in the booking form, which is 50,00 euros extra.

If you didn’t choose to use this service and have decided not to clean when leaving, the charge for the “cleaning addition” will be 60,00 euros, in order to satisfy our cleanliness standards, and those of the next renters.

Renting Period End Inventory

The bungalow will be checked before your departure.

Should we find that it has not been cleaned to its original standard we will have to invoice half the rent or the due extra to return it to its former condition for the satisfaction of the next guests.




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