Tropical Garden around our holidays accomodation in Deshaies Guadeloupe

The Tropical Garden of our Soleil Couchant

The green, calm and voluptuous setting around your vacation accommodation.

Our tropical garden in Deshaies

This garden is a story for two! Also a story for several (those who left also participated), and then a story for 3 for a few years ... In all cases there have been valuable help to keep the distance. Only such a result is not possible! It is necessary to unite and be united to achieve it.
It's a story of sharing, friendships, meetings, pleasure... sometimes of disagreement but above all of agreements to succeed!

We are self-taught, we have practiced the "Trial and Error" method and of course we are full of doubts, certainties, hesitations but fortunately inhabited by a common passion: that of nature, beauty and success. To go further always for our greatest pleasure, that of looking at the work accomplished, that of feeling on the spot when we walk through the site, that of the vivacity and at the same time of the fullness that reigns there.

We did not program anything, everything was made from inspirations, from favorites, sometimes from the impulses of the master of the place!
And then there was a moment when it appeared to us that we had to "draw plans on the comet" because we had to devote ourselves after the planting of the big subjects for the shading in particular, to structure the spaces with plants of more reasonable size, climbing for the pergolas like plant tunnels, the alleys leading to the lodgings.

And also the marriage of claustras, vegetation to protect each gîte from view so that guests feel at home. Wooden entrance doors to each garden to ensure true privacy in each garden area reserved for each Guadeloupe holiday cottage.

For the birds :

This garden is a marvel for the presence of birds: hummingbirds, sugarplums, big beaks, Guadeloupe robin, tcho de Guadeloupe (green heron), turtledove, Guadeloupe woodpecker, singing pipirite, yellow titin (often present in December and then he leaves us!) ... and then a multitude of butterflies, caterpillars of course, iguanas ...

Your peaceful holidays in Guadeloupe

The shady areas caressed by the trade winds, the rest areas, with or without sun at the bottom of the garden which are common areas as well as the outdoor shower for the beach returns...

We are very happy with the feedback we receive from customers who choose our accommodations.
We have given priority to using endemic plants, also those already present on the island we have visited to inform us, to find them, to make plants, cuttings, etc...

For the flowers :

On the site we have orchids, irises of Guadeloupe (tropical irises), Rosa (local rose) lavender of Guadeloupe (Alpinia Zerumbet dit Atoumo), lilies (various varieties), begonias, anthuriums, white, pink, red alpinia, birds of paradise, porcelain rose, canas, agapanthus, the plant "Cradle of Moses",  alamandas of various colors, mussaenda white, orange, red, pink (the common), bougainvilleas of all colors, quiscalis indica, duranta repens white and purple, cactus (various varieties), various varieties of frangipani, pink bignone, ibiscus flower, variegated ibiscus, dwarf and giant ixora, clerodendron,

For shrubs and trees :

Several varieties of crotons often found on the island of Guadeloupe, green or variegated schefflera (looks a lot like the orange tree of Mexico but does not flower!), dracaena of several varieties,
Giant or dwarf palm trees, multiplying, Christmas flowers, silver mangles, pongamia pinata (trees for shade), ficus benjamina, 

For fruit growers :

Apple cinnamon, sapodilla, guadeloupe cherry (for juices), lemon, breadfruit, guava, passion fruit, corossolier, carambola, papaya, mango, banana, plum, gooseberry ...


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