Update on Sargassum seaweed in Guadeloupe

Sargassum unaffected areas in Guadeloupe

A significant proportion of coastlines and beaches are not concerned and this is GOOD NEWS for tourism.

The global nature of the ecological causes makes the situation difficult to manage for a small department like ours. It must be known that beyond the smell of rotten eggs, the sulphurous emanations of decomposition are a real danger for all living beings.

Given the extent of the media coverage, the impression is that the entire island of Guadeloupe is affected.

Here is the inventory today:

  • The most affected places are unfortunately the south coast and the east coast of Guadeloupe.
  • On the other hand, the beaches of the leeward coast (protected from the Atlantic winds), mainly from Deshaies to Sainte-Rose, have so far been spared by these strandings!
  • Some beaches in the North East are also spared (on Anse-Bertrand, Port Louis ... to check from day to day).

In our little paradise that is Sunset Sun, we remain lucid and sensitized on these issues of global ecology, not more immune to such events than elsewhere in the world ...


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